Are you a wedding professional: photographer, planner, minister, or venue coordinator?

If so, I'd like to help you get your couples up to speed when it comes to their photography.

As a wedding professional, you're eligible for a 30% discount on every copy of the Complete Premium Edition of The Smart Bride's Guide to Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer that you'd like to give to your couples.

How it works

  1. Complete the application form below (it's pretty easy--just your contact info)
  2. I'll review your application 
  3. You'll receive an approval notice via email with your offer code
  4. Use the offer code to gift your clients the Complete Premium Edition (these instructions explain how to gift a copy--make sure you also use your offer code to get the discount)
  5. After you purchase the gift, your client will get an email with download instructions
  6. IMPORTANT: You agree to purchase a copy of the book for EACH client/couple

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