How do I give a copy of your book to someone?

It's pretty simple, actually. You can buy the ebook on Amazon, iBooks, or right here from this site (via Gumroad) and have it emailed directly to the recipient. This is a great option if you're a wedding planner or photographer and you want to give your clients a copy of the book.

First, decide which edition you'd like to give. The Kindle and iBooks versions can be given from those sites (I'll show you how in a moment). All the other editions can be given from this site via Gumroad.

IMPORTANT: If you want to give the Kindle and/or iBooks versions, consider doing it from this site. The Basic E-Reader edition costs the same here ($5.99) but includes both the Kindle and iBooks versions (the download contains the mobi and EPUB files, for the curious). Otherwise you'd have to purchase them separately on Amazon and iBooks.

Next, visit the site and buy your gift. Here are the particulars:

Kindle edition on Amazon

  1. Click here to go to the product page on Amazon
  2. On the right side of the page, click the Give as a Gift button (shown in the picture above)
  3. Log in to your Amazon account (if you're not already logged in) then enter the gift recipient's email address, a delivery date, and your personalized message.
  4. Click the Place your order button and you're done.

iBooks edition at Apple iBooks Store

NOTE: You'll need to have a Mac to buy the iBooks edition and your recipient will need some kind of Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad) to read it.

  1. Click here to go to the product page in the iBooks Store
  2. If iBooks doesn't open automatically, click the blue View in iBooks button
  3. Once the iBooks Store opens, click the drop down arrow next to the $5.99 Buy Book button (shown in the picture above)
  4. Click Gift this Book
  5. Enter your recipient's email address and a message then click Next
  6. Choose a gift email theme/design then click Next
  7. Click Buy Gift

Basic E-Reader, Deluxe, or Complete Premium Editions via Gumroad

What's Gumroad? It's the shopping cart system I use to process orders here. It's easy to use and completely safe.

  1. Click the link below for the edition you want to give
    • Basic E-Reader (includes Kindle mobi and EPUB versions)
    • Deluxe (nicely formatted PDF for reading on a computer or tablet)
    • Complete Premium (includes the Kindle, EPUB, and PDF versions--most versatile and best value )
  2. Click the green Buy This button
  3. Click the gift icon in the email address box at the top of the form (shown in the picture above)
  4. Complete the rest of the details then click the green Pay button

One last thing: If you buy the Basic E-Reader or Complete Premium editions, click over here to learn how to load the Kindle version on your Kindle or iPhone/iPad/tablet.


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