How important it is to “connect” with your photographer? My fiancé and I met with a photographer whose prices fit our budget, we love her work, and her online reviews are great. When we interviewed her, though, she was kind of awkward—nice but quiet and seemed nervous. I'm afraid I won't feel completely comfortable with her and it will affect the pictures. 

If you’re not comfortable with your wedding photographer, you’re right: it will show in the pictures. 

Wedding industry insider and veteran Andy Ebon has this to say about brides and their photographers:

From my personal experience, working as a DJ Entertainer at close to 1000 weddings, I assert that there is no other bride-vendor relationship that requires more positive personal chemistry than the bride-photographer. I’m certain that a polling day-of wedding professionals would mostly suggest the same conclusion.

Great photography is as much (maybe more) about getting inside your subject’s head as it is about knowing the technical aspects of light, exposure, and equipment. Trust is essential to getting good images, whether at a wedding, a family portrait session, or in an environmental portrait for a Fortune 500 CEO.

Find a photographer with whom you do feel comfortable—it can make all the difference on your wedding day.

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