Are you just using this book as a way to get more wedding clients?

That's a good question!

Since many of the examples in the book (pricing, prospect response email, answers to the 10 questions, etc.) were taken from my business, it might appear that the book is self-serving. More to the point, is the book solely intended to help me win wedding clients?

The simple answer is no, I've NOT written the book as a lead generator for wedding clients.

Weddings aren't a focus for my business at this point. In fact, I removed all of the wedding details from my site in early 2015. I'm emphasizing portrait and commercial work at this stage. If a prospect calls and really wants me to do a wedding, I'll consider it. But I'm not marketing weddings and I'm not using the book as a wedding lead generator.

I truly want The Smart Bride's Guide to Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer to be an educational resource for brides who don't know how to hire a qualified pro. And, honestly, how would they? We don't buy professional photography like we buy soap.

So read with confidence, smart bride: I'm not trying to sell you wedding photography. I just want you to make a more informed decision about your photographer so you're happy with these pictures that you'll have for the rest of your life.

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